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Community Health

Informational  Resources

Packing Food

Conducted by the Junction City Food Policy Council, this food assessment outlines the consumption patterns of residents.

Fitness Gears

Geary County Health Assessment

Performed by the University of Kansas, in conjunction with Geary Community Hospital, Geary County Health Department, & Geary County USD 475, this collaborative report assesses the health and wellness of the residents in Geary County.

Geary County Food Assessment

Image by Jess Bailey

This plan outlines suggestions for health improvement in Geary County resulting from the health assessment.

Geary County Health Improvement Plan


Geary County Health Rankings

Learn how Geary County ranks in the state for health outcomes, length of life, quality of life, health factors, health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, & physical environment.

Baby Eating Food

Learn more about food insecurity in Geary County

with Map the Meal Gap. 

Feeding America

Image by Mary Hammel

Kansas Health Matters

Learn how Geary County ranks in health, education, economy,

& environment rankings in Kansas and the U.S.

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