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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas
and the
Pathways to a Healthy Kansas 
In Geary County

In 2017, Geary County was one of eight Kansas communities selected as a grantee in the largest community grant program ever funded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. The Pathways to a Healthy Kansas program provided community coalitions like Live Well Geary County with the tools and resources needed to remove barriers and engage the community in healthy ways.

Geary County is currently in its second phase with Pathways. In each phase, Live Well Geary County implements different programs and health initiatives. 


Phase One:

Enable Healthy Eating and Tobacco-free, Active Living to Become a Way of Life.

Click here to learn more about Phase One Pathways.


Phase Two:

Community and Social Context, Neighborhood and Physical Environment, Food, Healthcare, Education, and Economic Stability. Possible projects for Phase 2 Pathways funding are: a shared-use community kitchen, complete streets, healthy prescriptions, vaping/JUUL prevention and education, food pantry/hunger relief, and worksite wellness. 

Click here to learn more about Phase Two Pathways.

If You Are Interested

In Participating In One Of The Community Health Programs

Live Well Geary County Is Producing

Or Would Like To Volunteer Any Special Skills,

Email Us At  

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