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Live Well Geary County: Creating Healthier Community


In 2017, Live Well Geary County conducted a survey to examine the perceptions of Geary County community members about the issues of healthy eating, active living, and tobacco cessation. The survey was a part of the Pathways to a Healthy Kansas grant that was received by the Live Well Geary County coalition and the Community Health Needs Assessment. Pathways is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas initiative. 410 community members took the time to complete the survey. Here are a few key findings from the survey results.

Finding #1: The survey showed that the majority of respondents found our community to be somewhat healthy.  In answer to the question “In general, how would you rate the overall health of our community?” 56.7% or 219 of the survey respondents rated Geary County somewhat healthy.  

Action being taken: In order to improve the health of our community Live Well Geary County through the Pathways initiative is working to provide residents with better opportunities for healthy eating, physical activity and decreased tobacco use.

Finding #2: According to the survey results 36.3% or 140 respondents strongly disagreed or disagreed with the statement, “In general, my community has sufficient opportunities for physical activity.

Action being taken: Live Well Geary County is partnering with local agencies to provide increased opportunity for physical activity for all age groups.

Finding #3: In response to the question “How many cups of fruit or vegetables do you eat in a day?" 66.24% of respondents indicated they eat 1-2 cups or less of fruits and vegetables per day. 2.5-3 cups of vegetables and 1.5-2 cups of fruit per day is recommended.

Action being taken: Live Well Geary County is working with food retailers to improve access to fruits and vegetables. Deb Andres, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent Geary County with K-State Research and Extension said, “Using a SNAP-Ed curriculum, Stock Healthy/Shop Healthy an effort has begun as a Pathway initiative to partner local convenience stores and Farmers Market vendors to stock fresh produce in areas of the community where there are no grocery stores.”

For more information about the survey or the Pathways initiative, contact:

Susan Jagerson, Grant Coordinator BCBSKS Pathways Geary Co.,

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