Inspiring. Advancing. Growing. 

For all of us. 

At Live Well Geary County, we are developing dynamic, community-based strategies to improve the health of our community residents. Live Well was founded in response to a call for county-wide coordinated action among health and wellness stakeholders. Together we work to close the gaps in services and resources so that there are healthy choices where residents live, learn, work, and play.


Live Well is organized for the purpose of inspiring and advancing policy, systems and environmental changes that make it easier for Geary County, Kansas residents to lead healthy lives.


The purpose of the coalition is to:

  1. Develop short and long term community goals to improve community health.

  2. Align and coordinate member efforts so that they are mutually reinforcing.

  3. Inform the public about issues related to the health of the community.

  4. Mobilize public support for policy, systems and environmental changes that support improved community health and wellness.